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Among other things that they do in life, Terri Munn and Elizabeth Burrows are both teachers at the local school in Lion’s Head. While researching for her geography course, Terri kept bumping into the notion of Peak Oil, finally settling on the course of action she recognised in the Transition Movement. Following the path outlined in the movement, Terri and Elizabeth, and others, have spent over two years learning and exploring, and finding ways of charting a course – through what could be a despairing turn of events – to a hopeful, joyful, sustainable future. They work closely with the wonderful JK-12 students in Lion’s Head, as well as the Bruce Peninsula Environment Group.

2012 Climate Change Forum Session Details

There are many challenges facing our communities, our regions, our nations. Climate change, along with Peak Oil and Economic Instability form a triad of challenges that are the basis of most news items these days, from uprisings, to environmental issues, to our governments’ belt-tightening and the repercussions that will have on citizens today – and for many tomorrows. Fortunately, there is a movement afoot that is empowering citizens of towns, and villages, and cities around the world to respond to these challenges in creative ways that build resilience and sustainable solutions. It’s organic, it’s mindful, it’s the Transition Movement, and the North Bruce Peninsula is a part of it. This presentation will give an overview of Transition, it’s values, it’s possibilities, and how it is bearing fruit in our area.

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