Dr. Scott Parker

Photo of Scott Parker, Organizer, Speaker and Tour Guide at 2013 Forum Parks Canada

Scott Parker

Dr. Scott Parker is an ecologist at Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park. He has worked for Parks Canada for over two decades and has conducted research from the mountaintops of Gwaii Haanas to the lakebeds of Fathom Five. His particular area of interest is freshwater ecosystems. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo and a founding Board member of Sources of Knowledge.

Professional Affiliation

Scott Parker, Ecologist

Fathom Five National Marine Park & Bruce Peninsula National Park

Tobermory, Ontario Canada

2013 Changing Lakes Forum Topic

Managing for Ecological Resilience in Fathom Five

Protected areas are considered to be the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation strategies and as valued sources for human well-being and ecological services. Yet they are not inviolable to the growing and unprecedented impacts facing ecosystems worldwide. As disturbances such as invasive species and climate change transform many of the Great Lake ecosystems to new and novel states, the consequences of these changes for protected areas are significant and not fully understood.

In a context of uncertainty and change, Scott will explore the practice of managing for resilience in a freshwater protected area, Fathom Five National Marine Park, Lake Huron. A resilience-based approach focuses on elements that build the capacity of a protected area to cope with disturbance while maintaining its defining structures, functions, and feedbacks. While the work is still preliminary, it will highlight the complexity of the problems facing Fathom Five and reframe conservation solutions through a resilience lens.

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