Scott Parker

Photo of Scott ParkerDr. Scott Parker
Office of the Chief Ecosystem Scientist
Parks Canada

Scott Parker, Ph.D., is a climate change ecologist in Parks Canada’s Office of the Chief Ecosystem Scientist. Here he studies and assesses climate trends, projections and risks to Parks Canada’s network of protected areas and helps inform adaptation actions. Previously he was an ecologist in Gwaii Haanas, Riding Mountain, Pukaskwa and Bruce Peninsula/Fathom Five national parks. Dr. Parker is an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo, chair of Canada’s Adaptation Platform Biodiversity Working Group, and a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas.

Shaping the Future of the Saugeen Peninsula 2018 Forum Talk

Providing “Natural Solutions” to Climate Change

Many of the impacts on society, species and ecosystems from climate change are occurring earlier and with greater frequency than predicted. Ecosystem-based approaches, emphasizing the protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of resources are recognized as being critical to climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. To begin, this talk will explore climate change trends and impacts, as well as ecosystem-based “natural solutions” to adaptation in the context of Canada’s national parks. Then it will examine in greater detail the observed and projected climate trends on the Bruce/Saugeen Peninsula and discuss regional risks to biodiversity and potential “natural solutions”.


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