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The third Sources of Knowledge Forum: Dark Skies, Bright Minds, was held in Tobermory, Ontario on April 29-30, 2011. Once again, the Forum celebrated the natural and cultural heritage of Bruce Peninsula National Park, Fathom Five National Marine Park and the surrounding communities by exploring the value and importance of our dark skies.

The event brought together local, national and international speakers on dark sky conservation, astronomy and ecology of the night. Artists, scientists and practitioners alike all shared their perspectives and reinforced the on-going efforts to recognize and protect the region’s dark skies.

The venue was filled to capacity and attracted 107 students, local residents, and others with an interest in this important and inspired theme.

The theme for the 2011 Sources of Knowledge Forum was Dark Skies, Bright Minds. The Table of Contents are listed here and a link to the entire PDF is provided below.

Dark Sky Resource Links

Light Pollution Abatement Program
Earth Observation Group (EOG)
The night sky in the World
The Bruce Peninsula Environment Group Dark Sky Project
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Darks Skies Bright Minds 2011 Proceedings

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2011 Proceedings Table of Contents

About the Sources of Knowledge Forum

Organizing Committee 3
Acknowledgements 4
Exhibitions 5

Plenary Session

Opening Remarks
Scott Parker (Session Chair)
Amateur Astronomers: Naturalists of the Night
Terence Dickinson (SkyNews)
Reducing Light Pollution Across Canada: Efforts of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Robert Dick (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
Dark Sky Parks in Canada and the World
David Welch (International Union for Conservation of Nature – Dark Sky Advisory Group)
Bats: Creatures of Our Dark Skies
Leslie Hale (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
Things That Go Ping in the Night: Nocturnal Life in Lake Huron’s Offshore Habitats
Jeff Schaeffer (United States Geological Survey – Great Lakes Science Center)
Moths and Artificial Night Lighting
Alan Macnaughton (Toronto Entomologists’ Association)
Aboriginal Perspectives on the Night
Lenore Keeshig-Tobias (Parks Canada)
The Poetic Experience of a Dark Sky Filled with Stars
Doug Cunningham (Quetican Observatory)

Evening Presentation and Award

Night Photography
Steve Irvine (Local Artist and Photographer)
Sources of Knowledge Award of Excellence 39


Field Trip to Cabot Head Research Station
Rod Steinacher (Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory)
Being a Dark Sky Steward: What You Can Do to Protect Our Starry Skies
Elizabeth Thorn and Rod Steinacher (Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association)
Effects of Light Pollution on the Nocturnal Activity of Reptiles and Amphibians
Joe Crowley (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
Lighting the Dark Skies: Aids to Navigation
Holly Dunham (Friends of Bruce District Parks)


Event Program 66
Speaker Biographies 69

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