2010 Proceedings

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2010 Wildlife & Community Values

Wildlife, Research, Management & Planning

The second Sources of Knowledge forum was held May 14th and 15th, 2010 – again hosted by the Parks Advisory Committee in partnership with Parks Canada, Friends of Bruce District Parks, Bruce Peninsula District School and St. Edmunds Public School.

The theme for the 2010 Sources of Knowledge Forum was Wildlife, Research, Management, Conservation and Planning. The Table of Contents are listed here and a link to the entire PDF is provided.

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2010 Proceedings Table of Contents

About the Sources of Knowledge Forum

Overview 1
Organizing Committee 3
Acknowledgements 4
Exhibitions 5

Plenary Session 1: Wildlife Research

Welcome and Opening Remarks 7
Scott Parker (Session Chair)
Life after the Glaciers on the Bruce Peninsula 8
Scott Parker (Parks Canada)
The Changing Landscape: From Settlement to Climate Change 11
Roger Suffling (University of Waterloo)
Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Paleobiology of the Northern Bruce Peninsula 13
Frank Brunton (Ontario Geological Survey)
Important Diseases of Wildlife and Potential Zoonotic Diseases in Bruce Peninsula National Park 14
Doug Campbell (Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre)
Patterns in Migration of Passerines through the Cabot Head Area 15
Rod Steinacher (Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory)
Examining the Variation in the Inland Fish Communities of Bruce Peninsula National Park 24
Cavan Harpur (Parks Canada)
Conservation Genetics of the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake on the Bruce Peninsula 30
Michelle DiLeo (Queen’s University)

Plenary Session 2: Resource Management and Planning

The Ancient Cliff‐Face Forest of the Niagara Escarpment: A Synopsis of Discoveries at the Top of the Bruce 35
Peter Kelly (University of Guelph)
Square Pegs and Round Holes: The Application of the Federal Species at Risk Act 39
John Haselmayer (Parks Canada)
Bear‐Human Conflict and Management 41
Doran Ritchie (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
Building a Tourism Destination: The Bruce County Approach 42
Chris Hughes (County of Bruce)
When the Rubber Hits the Road: Local Land Use Planning and Natural Heritage Systems 43
Bruce Stickney (County of Bruce)
A Natural Area Conservation Plan for the Northern Bruce Peninsula 44
Dan Kraus (Nature Conservancy of Canada)


Birds of the Bruce Hike 51
Ethan Meleg (Parks Canada)
The Oral History Project: Early Days of Hunting, Fishing and Logging 52
Holly Dunham (Friends of Bruce District Parks)
Management of Invasive Vegetation in Bruce Peninsula National Park 60
Michael Patrikeev and Chantel LaRiviere (Parks Canada)
Stewardship, Partners, Funding and You 64
Craig Todd (Bruce Resource Stewardship Network/Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
Fossils of the Niagara Escarpment 66
Frank Brunton (Ontario Geological Survey)
Fish Identification 67
Cavan Harpur and Scott Parker (Parks Canada)


Appendix A: 71
2010 Event Program
Appendix B: 74
Speaker Biographies
Appendix C: A Final Reflection: A Postscript on Ecological Services 79
Scott Parker (Session Chair)

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