2009 Proceedings

2009 Coastal Heritage Proceedings

2009 Coastal Heritage Proceedings

Coastal Heritage

On May 1-2, 2009, the Parks Advisory Committee hosted the 1st Sources of Knowledge Forum in partnership with Parks Canada, Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory, Friends of Bruce District Parks, Bruce Peninsula District School and St. Edmunds Public School.

This event attracted 117 participants. The theme for the 2009 Forum was ‘Coastal Heritage’ and included presentations, workshops and field trips by universities, government organizations, conservation groups, First Nations, schools and citizens and covered such topics as wildlife conservation as well as other issues affecting these and other Ontario national parks.

The 2009 Conference Proceedings have been compiled to make this knowledge available to anyone interested in learning about the natural and cultural heritage of the Bruce Peninsula and furthermore, to inspire action.

Download the entire 2009 Proceedings:
2009 Proceedings PDF (9.6 MB file)

2009 Proceedings Table of Contents


A Welcome Message 3
Gordon Nelson (Parks Advisory Committee)
Park Superintendent’s Welcome 4
Ivan Smith (Parks Canada)
Fathom Five as a Source of Knowledge 5
Scott Parker (Parks Canada)
Post‐Glacial Lake Levels and Geomorphology: 10,000 Years of Change in a 15‐Minute Talk 11
Steve Blasco (Geological Survey of Canada)
Coastal Wetlands of Fathom Five National Marine Park: Biodiversity Values and Threats 12
Pat Chow‐Fraser (McMaster University)
The Status of Fisheries in Lake Huron 20
Arunas Liskauskas (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
Marine Archaeology and Our Coastal Heritage 21
Scarlett Janusas (SJAHCE)
Working for Conservation on Lake Huron: Local Actions and an International Vision 28
Greg Mayne (Environment Canada)


Perspectives through the Lens 35
illy Waterton (Photographer)
Towards Environmental Learning 37
Birch Behmann, Candace McLay, and Megan Myles (Bruce Peninsula District School)
The Maritime Archives and Collections of Fathom Five 41
Stan McClellan (Local Historian)
Sources of Knowledge: An Aboriginal Perspective 43
Anthony Chegahno (Chippewas of Nawash)
Ecosystems of the Northern Bruce Peninsula
Jarmo Jalava (Ecologist)
Geographic Information Systems for Managing Knowledge 46
Jeff Truscott (Parks Canada)
Local Knowledge through Oral Histories 51
Holly Dunham (Friends of Bruce District Parks)


Lessons for the Future: Experience from the Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve and a Vision for a Community‐based Research Institute 59
Rebecca Pollock (Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve)


Bird Migration Monitoring at Cabot Head 73
Rod Steinacher (Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory)
Cabot Head Area Geology and Geomorphology 77
Daryl Cowell (Geologist)
History of Warder Ranch 83
Roy Warder and Pamela Hall (Local Residents)


Appendix A: 89
Program Summary
Appendix B: 97
Summary of Consultative Committee Session

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