Miranda Fuller

Photo of Miranda FullerMiranda Fuller
Executive Director for the Oxford Community Energy Cooperative
Woodstock, Ontario

Since graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2015 she has been working in the field of sustainability and renewable energy. Miranda’s passion for sustainability began when she accepted the role of Student Sustainability Assistant within the Sustainability Office at Laurier. After graduation her experience led her to the Program Director role for Future Oxford and the County of Oxford, developing their Community Sustainability Plan. Through this role she was introduced to the Oxford Community Energy Cooperative (OCEC), a local renewable energy cooperative that serves Oxford and the surrounding area. As Executive Director, Miranda is tasked with overseeing project development, managing investor relations and finances. OCEC’s mandate is to empower communities through community power and develop renewable energy project that sustain community needs while providing economic benefit. Miranda is excited about what cooperative energy brings to communities and continues to learn about the impact of renewable generation.

Shaping the Future of the Saugeen Peninsula 2018 Forum Talk

Oxford Community Energy Cooperative Presentation

As you approach the exit from Highway 403 to Highway 401, in the distance 10 turbines come into focus. These turbines are a beacon of achievement of the first community-owned wind farm in Ontario and are a part of the larger movement of a community striving towards achieving 100% renewable energy. The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm is an 18 MW project located in Norwich, ON. This site is the flagship project for the local Oxford Community Energy Cooperative, whose membership were an integral part of this success. The project was developed through partnerships with Prowind Inc, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation and the Oxford Community Energy Cooperative (OCEC).

OCEC is a grassroots cooperative who is working within communities to empower residents through investments in renewable energy. Since 2013 the coop has continued to grow and now has members throughout all of Ontario. Primarily members are residents of Oxford County, but our networks extend to all areas of the province, including Bruce County.
Our primary business is the sale of equity in large scale commercial renewable energy projects. In June 2015, Oxford County pledged to be the one of the first communities to meet 100% or more of its energy demands from renewable resources by the year 2050. The Oxford Community Energy Cooperative is a large contributor to this movement and is an integral part of providing both infrastructure and community investment opportunities. There has been a collective identification that to combat climate change we must come together as a community and be the solution. Through vehicles like the cooperative, residents can invest and gain equity in these renewable energy projects which in turn connect them to the shift towards 100RE.

As of 2018, OCEC has established 18MW of wind power and is near completion of 1.2 MW in solar in Oxford County. Future projects are currently being developed and pursued. We are fortunate to have an eager membership who continue to seek competitive and attractive investment opportunities in renewable energy. This presentation will focus on the development of the Oxford Community Energy Cooperative, its relationship with the community in which it serves and the landscape of working within a county that has undertaken such a progressive stance on combating the climate issues of today.

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