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Lloyd Walton

As a producer, director, cinematographer, Lloyd has won over 37 provincial, national, and international awards for his movies. His works have been translated into French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Ojibwe, Ojicree, Cree, and Inuktituit.

Notably, he was asked to create a gift from the Province of Ontario for HRH Queen Elizabeth II on her Jubilee celebratory tour.

Obscurely, he was appointed an Honorary Texan by G.W. Bush, in the Texas State House of Representatives for his work in that State on behalf of the Ontario Government.

And relatively, he will be screening for his presentation at Sources of Knowledge, his film, Kinnomaagewapkong, The Teaching Rocks. It won first prize at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

As a writer he has completed his soon to be published, INTO THE STONE, The Search for Meaning in Ancient Rock Art. He has had several short stories published in the Chicken Soup For the Soul series, in addition to magazines and newspapers.  As a painter he has had five solo shows of his oils and acrylics of scenes from all across Canada. The theme in these works are of lost highways, architecture, objects and landscapes, moving on in time.

2016 Forum Talk

Into the Stones: The Long Search Toward Understanding Native Rock Art

I’ll begin with a comment from J. V.Wright , Curator of Ontario Archaeology, Archaeological survey of Canada.

“Mr Walton has provided the public with a rare, graphic glimpse of the cosmological beliefs of native Algonquian-speakers in the province and elsewhere. To be able to obtain direct cooperation and participation of Native elders in the production of a film on the subject is a truly exceptional accomplishment. The “Teaching Rocks” undoubtedly contributes to a better understanding of the Native people in Ontario in particular and the country in general.”

So I’ve often wondered, why me? How did I find myself in a job that paid me to indulge my search for wonder, beauty, magic and truth ? Why was I given the nod to pass through gates of extraordinary natural, cultural, and hidden realms? So many experiences I have had, to some, might seem unbelievable, but I had photographic proof that it all happened.  Were certain things off limits, or taboo to talk about? How could I write it down? I weighed those thoughts for years.

Through a remarkable co incidence, while walking down the middle of a dirt road in Killarney Ontario, I struck up a conversation with a young Ojibwe whose father I had travelled with many years before. I then went on to tell him of the dilemma I was facing of trying to tell my story, but not sure of what could be told or should not be told.

His reply lifted me.

“If you are an artist, you will find a way to tell it.”

My talk will focus on the trials it took to find someone who could read the ancient writings on the rocks, when the academic summary at the time when my search began was;

“At some point in the distant past, the carvers ceased coming to the site and their bright white images faded to a dull grey as knowledge of the site faded from mankind’s consciousness.”


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