Kit Worzel

Kit Worzel Photo - Speaker at 2017 Forum

Kit Worzel

Kit Worzel is a dynamic young futurist with a focus on science and technology. His experience in the field, both at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University of Guelph have given him strong insight into trends in science, and being a favored guest on InnerSpace on the Space network keeps him sharp and on top of his game.

His unique view on the future and relaxed speaking style fit in well regardless of the occasion, and result in an unforgettable event. Kit’s keen insight and holistic view of the future combine to give a bigger picture of what’s next, one influenced not by a single factor, but explained as a combination of dozens of relevant issues and innovations.

For example, food supply in 2030 will certainly be affected by climate change, but also by changes in energy infrastructure, use of technology for food production, genetically modified crops, and societal changes. Looking at a complex issue on its own won’t reveal a true image of what is to come.

With a degree in Molecular Biology and experience with microbial genetics, Kit brings a fresh and interesting view to his presentations.

2017 Forum Talk: Seven Generations from Now: A Futurist Envisions the Bruce Peninsula 2017-2157

The Bruce Peninsula and the surrounding natural splendor are an amazing and valuable resource for Canada and the world, and strong efforts should be made to preserve it. There are several issues that will impact the future of the area, but awareness and proper planning will help keep natural beauty and biodiversity that the park is famous for flourishing.

Climate change is a force that cannot be stopped by one group of individuals, but can be anticipated. Warmer winters will wreak havoc on some of the standard snow-bound hobbies popular here, but preparing for it and planning around it can keep the park a popular cold-weather spot, whereas longer, warmer summers will boost attendance for camping, canoeing and the like.

Water access is going to be a big issue in the next hundred years, and the Bruce peninsula is surrounded by one of the largest concentrations of fresh water in the world. Water rights on both sides of the border will need to be taken into account, as well as keeping the Great Lakes clean so they can be used for everyone’s enjoyment.

Lastly, keeping interest in the National Parks is vital. Tourism keeps the parks going, but it has to be balanced with conservation. Educating visitors and instilling the love of nature in them is critical for the park’s future, but a job that is being done well right now.

There are indeed challenging times ahead, but you all have what it takes to overcome them.


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