Jim Uhrinak

Jim Uhrinak, MS, studied Wildlife Ecology at the University of Minnesota and now writes land management and protection plans for high quality natural areas and cultural landscape destinations.

Jim manages habitat islands of rare anthropogenic oak savanna and consults on trees, land restoration and interprets Great Lakes lake-forest relationships for land managers. Current research includes: American Indian snow owl ceremonialism, Mandan eagle trapping, bison symbolism, wildcat images, wolverines and hunting strategies of paleo mammoth hunters. Integration of these interests helps surface relationships between Indian legend, natural history and geography.Through research and wildland experience he interprets the original conditions of urban settings to specify restoration strategies for degraded sites.

Find his video on the unique geography and natural conditions of Wisconsin’s Penokee Hills and mining threats at www.milwaukeeaudubon.org. Jim is on the Board of the Niagara Escarpment Resource Network and serves as Secretary of Milwaukee Audubon Society.

2014 Forum Talk

The range of cultural landscape discoveries linked to the Niagara Escarpment and Great Lakes Geography lead us to propose a 2015 Sources of Knowledge Forum theme that brings together voices from a number of nations. The envisioned collaboration would help build support for international recognition of the entire Niagara Escarpment and its long distance connections.

In Wisconsin, cultural landscape discoveries have helped in the protection of sites and landscapes; the development of greenway corridor designations; better understanding of trail protocols and idea exchange for site protection strategies.

Through Wisconsin’s Niagara Escarpment Resource Network (NERN), the Milwaukee Audubon Society (MAS), the HoChunk Nation (HCN), the Wisconsin Archaeological Society (WAS) and the contributions of independent researchers, a number of projects are in progress or now completed that could be brought into the forum.


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