James Rusak

James Rusak

James Rusak

James Rusak is Scientist and Group Leader with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and an Adjunct Professor at Nipissing and Queens Universities.

He is an honorary fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Co-chair of the GLEON Collaborative Climate Committee, and has served as the Vice President of the Society of the Canadian Society of Limnologists. Dr. Rusak received his BSc from the University of Guelph, his MSc from Lakehead University and his PhD from York University.

His current research interests include long-term aquatic ecosystems and the remote sensing of lake processes.

2014 Forum Talk

The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network is a grassroots network of limnologists, ecologists, information technology experts, and engineers who have a common goal of building a scalable, persistent network of lake ecology observatories. Data from these observatories will allow us to better understand key processes such as the effects of climate and landuse change on lake function, the role of episodic events such as typhoons in resetting lake dynamics, and carbon cycling within lakes. The observatories consist of instrumented platforms on lakes around the world capable of sensing key limnological variables and moving the data in near-real time to web-accessible databases.

A local node in this global network, and the first Canadian observatory, can be found on Harp Lake, Ontario near the Dorset Environmental Science Centre. This automated sensing platform has been contributing data and expertise to the larger network since 2010 and is one of only a handful of sites that do so in near-real time. I review the contributions and collaborations arising from this effort, both locally and globally, as well as the integration with additional ongoing monitoring work in the Lake Huron basin.

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