Holly Dunham

Photo of Holly Dunham Historic Tour Guide Little Tub Harbour in Tobermory Ontario

Holly Dunham

Holly Dunham is a ‘harbour rat”.

Her various family ties to Tobermory and Little Tub Harbour began when the first settlers arrived in the late 1870’s. These early settlers were farmers and fisherman and by the time Holly was growing up many had settled around Little Tub Harbour. This small working harbour was the centre her life and the people living there were the most fascinating people in the world and she was related to everyone! – or so it seemed. There were grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins in every household and Holly spent a great deal of time figuring out all the complicated relationships.

Holly graduated from Bruce Peninsula District School in Lion’s Head, attended Fanshawe College in London, worked in London, Toronto and Oakville and in 1979 decided to come home. Her parents were small business owners by that time so she went to work with them, married Glen in 1983, they purchased the family home and raised two children on the shores of Little Tub Harbour. Recently retired, they sold their home in Tobermory and moved to the dark side – Grey County and now make their home in Owen Sound. But that does not change the fact that Holly Dunham is and always will be a ‘harbour rat”. This calling is so strong that even her children one living in London and the other in Regina still consider themselves “harbour rats”

Her passion is the people and their stories – the oral history of Tobermory. These stories might not be backed up by fact but they are the often repeated (and maybe embellished) stories that she heard from the people she loved the most. She believes there is no point in telling a story just once – they need to be told and retold.

With her passion for story-telling and story-gathering, Holly has recently started a new venture – as a Personal Historian – she helps people tell their life stories which can then published in heirloom books for their families and for future generations.

One last thing – Holly is also grandmother to Reed, the most wonderful 2 year old boy in the world! And he too will become a “harbour rat”

2013 Changing Lakes Forum- Guided Hike

Historic Tour of Little Tub Harbour

Holly will guide an historic harbour walking tour titled “A Working Harbour”. Meet at the Chi Cheemaun Office building at the ferry dock and Holly will take us into the past and back to the future as we walk from the ferry terminal around Little Tub Harbour, along the boardwalk by Lee’s Fishery, and ending near the Grandview. She will share her knowledge and stories of what used to be along the harbour and about the people living and working there. She will also have some old photos of the area.

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