Holly Dunham


Holly Dunham

Holly Dunham is a ‘Harbour Rat’, growing up on the shores of Little Tub Harbour in Tobermory, just one more member of a large extended family – most of whom made their living “Riding the Waves” of change in Little Tub Harbour.

A graduate of St. Edmunds Public School and Bruce Peninsula District School, Holly been a collector of stories and photos all her life. She is also a dedicated ‘volunteer lightkeeper’ at the Flowerpot Island Lightstation and has recently joined the Community Waterfront Heritage Committee in Owen Sound as they work to save and present the Marine & Rail Heritage of the area.

Holly recognizes the value of ‘catching’ and saving family history through stories and as a result started her own business “The Memory Catchers”. She now makes her living helping others ‘catch’ and save their stories. She loves the stories from her own family and enjoys every opportunity to share them with anyone willing to listen. A guided walk around Little Tub Harbour is one way she can accomplish this.

The stories of Tobermory are an amazing ‘source of knowledge’ and Holly thanks the Sources of Knowledge Forum for recognizing the value of Oral History.

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