Geoff Peach

Photo of Geoff Peach - Coastal Resources Manager and Speaker at 2013 Forum

Geoff Peach

A life-long cottager on Lake Huron, Geoff has always had a love for beaches and a fascination with how they change from year to year. This personal association with Lake Huron evolved into a 26+ year professional career in coastal management.

He started his career during the 1985-86 record high lake levels working in shoreline management for area conservation authorities. In 1998, he co-founded the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, establishing a first-ever organization dedicated to Lake Huron. The Centre’s interests include water quality, coastal processes, biodiversity and climate change and it promotes best practices through research, education and community outreach.

Professional Affiliation

Coastal Resources Manager

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

2013 Forum Topic

Adapting to Changing Coastal Processes on Lake Huron

Conditions along the Lake Huron coast are changing. Lake levels, local precipitation patterns, a changed wind regime have initiated a new pattern of erosion, invasive species infestations and beach management problems. Municipalities and communities will need a better understanding of these changes, as well as measures to adapt to changes in coastal processes. This presentation will look at some current coastal conservation issues, and early efforts to adapt to changes.


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