Electric Vehicle Driver Challenge 2018

Image of Electric-Vehicle-Approaching-Wiarton-OntarioSo you bought an Electric Vehicle. Good for you! But can you leave
the kilowatt security of the Golden Horseshoe for the hinterlands of
rural Ontario?

On the weekend of May 4-6, 2018, the 10th annual Sources of Knowledge Forum will be held in Tobermory. In cooperation with the local Chamber of Commerce and the Plug n’ Drive EV Discovery Centre,  we invite you to join us in Tobermory for a special “Energy & Transportation Event” on the afternoon of May 4th , and to stay for the weekend.

In accepting this challenge, you would be following in the footsteps of
pioneers of the internal combustion era who set off across a continent with only a gas can and a prayer. But, much more importantly, you would help to make the case that, with adequate infrastructure,  EVs could be a practical transportation option in rural Ontario.

And this is a great time of year to visit Tobermory, before the summer crowds arrive.

Interested? Please complete our EV Challenge Driver Registration Form so we can be sure that we can provide adequate charging facilities*, let you know accommodation options, etc. Once you complete the EV Challenge Registration Form, our Administrator, Jackie Lutz, will contact to you to arrange details.

Questions? Please contact us at our Contact Page here.

Consider attending the entire Forum while you are here.  See our Forum Overview Page for details about our 2018 Forum: Shaping the Future of the Saugeen Peninsula.

* Please note: while we hope to have one or more Level 2 chargers on the Peninsula by May 4, at this time only Level 1 and a few private 240v outlets can be guaranteed.

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