Dr. Patrick Doran

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Dr. Patrick Doran

Patrick Doran is currently the Director of Science for The Nature Conservancy in Michigan and the Great Lakes region, where he leads region-wide investigations of conservation priorities in terrestrial and aquatic habitats. This includes the identification and prioritization of important conservation areas, as well as the development and implementation of conservation strategies and measures of success. Additionally, Patrick holds an appointment as an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University.

Prior to his position with The Nature Conservancy, Patrick was Wildlife biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Senior Ecologist/GIS Analyst with The Wildlands Project and Two Countries/One Forest where he developed large-scale conservation plans for the Northern Appalachians. Patrick received his Ph.D. in ecology from Dartmouth College where he studied population and community dynamics of forest breeding songbirds. He also received Master’s degrees in ecology and environmental science from Indiana University where he studied the effects of forest fragmentation on bird populations.

In his life outside of the Conservancy, Patrick enjoys every possible minute engaged in some sort of outdoor or sporting activity with his wife, Heather, and their two children, Griffin and Carly.

Professional Affiliation

Director of Science Michigan/Great Lakes Project
The Nature Conservancy

2012 Climate Change Forum Topic

Understanding Climate Change Adaptation in the Great Lakes Region


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