George Harpur

Dr. George Harpur

Dr. George Harpur

George Harpur is the Medical Director of the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility, a Coroner for the Province of Ontario, and has been closely associated with Tobermory Health Services since 1974.

George started diving at age 14 doing construction in the Muskoka lakes with a home-made apparatus and miraculously survived to graduate from University of Toronto with a medical degree in 1964. He received certification as a Diving Medical Officer from the School of Operational and Aerospace Medicine, Canadian Forces in 1975 and has been a guest lecturer at Canadian Forces courses from 1976 to the present.

He has been involved in the investigation of numerous diving accidents including 48 fatalities in Ontario and 29 in scattered jurisdictions from Barbados and Australia to Alaska. Dr Harpur collaborated with Dr Ray Sawchuck to produce the protocol for post mortem on victims of diving accidents adopted by the Ontario Coroner’s service.

His special interest has been the management of diving emergencies and improving diving training so as to avoid them. Apart from his many honours and activities George and his family are truly a Tobermory institution. Harpur Drive near their home was recently named for them, and George was awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013.

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