Deborah McGregor

photo of SOK 2017 Forum Speaker Deborah McGregor

Deborah McGregor

Dr. Deborah McGregor (Anishinaabe) is an Associate Professor with the Osgoode Hall Law School and Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.

She currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice.

Her research focuses on Indigenous knowledge systems,  water and environmental governance, environmental justice, forest policy and management, and Indigenous food sovereignty.





2017 Forum Topic

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Futures

Over the past four decades, the concept of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) has gained a foothold in environmental governance in Canada. Governments, proponents, ENGOs and others have become interested in gathering and applying TEK in various environmental management regimes and practices. TEK, in fact, has become part of the fabric of environmental management and development in Canada through official recognition in environmental legislation, policy and governing structures. There are well developed protocols, tools and guides for how interested parties can apply TEK in their environmental work. Despite such inroads, the pattern of how TEK is “considered” remains largely problematic. The potential for TEK in achieving sustainability remains largely unexplored. My presentation will focus on how TEK as understood and practiced by Indigenous peoples has the potential to alter the way humanity relates to the Earth.

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