David Bywater

Photo of David Bywater GB5 and State of the Bay Speaker

David Bywater

David Bywater is an Environmental Scientist with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Based in Parry Sound, David leads on conservation and species at risk programs. Prior to joining the GBBR team, David worked as an environmental consultant performing environmental impact assessments in the Arabian Peninsula.

2013 Changing Lakes Forum Topic

State of the Bay – Engaging Eastern Georgian Bay Residents on Environmental Conditions and Trends

David will provide a summary of the “State of the Bay” project – an ecosystem health report card for eastern Georgian Bay. This environmental report card provides a snapshot of indicators such as water quality, fisheries, wetlands and natural areas in order to educate the public about environmental conditions and engage them in stewardship. It distills scientific knowledge from a wide variety of sources and translates it into more accessible public information. David will provide an overview of the report card process, the partners involved, as well as planned communication and outreach initiatives for the summer of 2013.

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