Dan Longboat

photo of Sources of Knowledge presenter Dan Longboat

Dan Longboat

Dr. Dan Longboat Roronhiakewen “He Clears the Sky”, belongs to the Turtle Clan of the Mohawk Nation. He is a citizen of the Haudenosaunee, originally from Ohswe:ken the Six Nations community on the Grand River Territory and now living and working in Peterborough, Ontario.

Longboat earned a Bachelors Degree from Trent University in Native Studies with a special interest in Human Psychology. He received with distinction, a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies and a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, his dissertation won the Award for Excellence from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University. Longboat is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies and is the Founder and Director of the Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences Program at Trent University, in Peterborough Ontario. This is the first and only accredited university level program for Indigenous Environmental Studies in the country.

The program is founded upon a basis of cultural knowledge, which serves to support research and development of culturally based courses and integrated science programs, focused upon Indigenous: human health and the environment, foods and medicines, natural resource restoration, community sustainability, international Indigenous networks, Indigenous languages, cultures and the recognition of traditional life skills and practices. Noted has an exceptional speaker, Longboat provides guest lectures in numerous communities, schools, colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States.

Longboat strongly encourages the promotion of Indigenous knowledge and to study with traditional peoples and Elders. He recognizes the critical importance of language learning and the development of culturally based programs. Longboat encourages youth to participate in initiatives that work to create positive change that serves to benefit their communities and the natural environment. He believes direct involvement and active participation through collaboration and always using a “Good Mind”, to be a major part of our responsibilities as human beings and in particular as Haudenosaunee (The People of the Longhouse of One Family) we must always work together to create positive change for the continuance of Life.

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