Community Workshop Invitation

Come To Hear the Results of a 2 Year Canada US Study on the

Health of Lake Huron’s Shoreline and Shallow Waters

Come to Provide Your Perspectives and Priorities for Action on the Bruce

Image of Bruce Peninsula demarcating the planning are for the Community Conservation And Stewardship Program

Planning Area Community Conservation & Stewardship

Whether you wish to preserve opportunities to enjoy hiking, recreational fishing and swimming, and to have safe and clean water quality, or are concerned about changing property values or the viability of local tourism, all of us living on the Bruce Peninsula are somehow connected to the health of our shorelines and nearshore waters. This is your invitation to attend a workshop to learn more about the condition of the nearshore and our shorelines and our opportunity to learn your priorities and understand your perspectives.

Located in the heart of the Great Lakes, the Bruce Peninsula is surrounded by a spectacular diversity of shorelines from rock barrens, sand dunes and coastal wetlands to the dramatic cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment. This ribbon of life, where land meets water, is critical to both a healthy environment and a healthy community on the Bruce Peninsula. It harbours many provincially, nationally, and globally rare plants and animals, and it provides important fish habitat and a safe refuge for migratory birds. It is a source of enjoyment and inspiration for both residents and visitors, and a foundation of our local economy and wellbeing. Our shorelines and nearshore waters are a vital part of who we are as a community and they require careful stewardship by all of us.


The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, through funding from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, has initiated a project to develop a community conservation and stewardship plan for the Bruce Peninsula. As part of this project, we are hosting three community workshops to explore the Bruce Peninsula’s shorelines, coastal wetlands and nearshore waters.


We will share the results of a two year Canada US study on the health of Lake Huron’s shoreline and nearshore and we are eager to obtain the community’s perspectives and priorities for action on the Bruce. These workshops will bring our community together to learn about the importance of these features, share information on local issues and concerns, and help find local solutions. Whether you are a property owner, business owner, farmer, or local community group, your perspectives will guide conservation and stewardship on the Bruce Peninsula over the next five years and contribute to a community plan of action to protect what we value most.


All workshops are open to everyone and will be held on the following dates:

Saturday, June 22

Office of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula


Thursday, June 27

Tobermory Community Centre


Saturday, July 6

Stokes Bay Community Centre



For more information, please visit or contact Sean Liipere, Program Manager at


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