Resilience in Fathom Five

Resilience in a Protected Area: Prospects for Fathom Five National Marine Park, Lake Huron, Canada Article by: S.R. Parker and S.D. Murphy Building or maintaining resilience within a protected area is increasingly cited as a means to achieve long-term conservation goals in the face of climate change and other human impacts (e.g., Mumby et al. […]

Beyond the Global City

Gordon Nelson, Professor Emeritis at Waterloo University (and past chair of Sources of Knowledge) is the editor of a recently published book called “Beyond the Global City: Understanding and Planning for the Diversity of Ontario“. This book aims to give Ontarians and other readers a better understanding and basis for planning the many diverse regions […]

Resource Guide to BPNP Lakes

Resource Guide to the Natural and Cultural History of Cameron, Cyprus, Horse and Marr Lakes This guide provides an overview of the natural and cultural history of the Cameron-Cyprus-Horse-Marr Lake complex in the northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. The lakes are associated with Bruce Peninsula National Park (BPNP) and are often explored and studied by […]

Northern Bruce Peninsula Conservation

NBP Conservation Overview

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