Baptist Harbour ‘Observatory’ Seasonal Report

The SOK Baptist Harbour Temperature Profiler has been shut down for the season. This array of 4 thermistors (temperature measuring devices) was installed on the end of the pier you will see in the accompanying video link. Each thermistor was read every 3 minutes and the data transmitted to the web via a $29 Arduino […]

Local Weather Data

To view a live feed of Tobermory Weather Conditions, click the image here: Local Weather Data gathered from a local weather station supported by Bill Caulfeild-Browne.

Lake Huron Water Levels

To view a live feed of Lake Huron Water Levels, click the image below: The Tobermory water level plot presented here consists of readings averaged over every one hour period during the previous month. They are downloaded from the Canadian Hydrographic Service and compared to a highly smoothed version of Tobermory lake levels for the […]

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