Dr. Scott Parker

Dr. Scott Parker is an ecologist at Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park. He has worked for Parks Canada for over two decades and has conducted research from the mountaintops of Gwaii Haanas to the lakebeds of Fathom Five. His particular area of interest is freshwater ecosystems. He is also an […]

Daryl Cowell

Daryl was born in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended McMaster University in the geology and physical geography program. He specialized in karst geomorphology – the study of the formation of caves and associated landforms. Daryl began to study the geology and karst of the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Peninsula through his undergraduate and Masters’ […]

Holly Dunham

Holly Dunham is a ‘harbour rat”. Her various family ties to Tobermory and Little Tub Harbour began when the first settlers arrived in the late 1870’s. These early settlers were farmers and fisherman and by the time Holly was growing up many had settled around Little Tub Harbour. This small working harbour was the centre […]

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