A Closer Look at the Shipwrecks Found in Fathom Five National Marine Park

Many factors affect the preservation of shipwrecks. The initial event that causes a shipwreck is of course one factor – be it lost in battle, overturned in bad weather or due to a navigational error – but of course events afterwards such weathering, human interaction, biological and chemical factors also effects the long term survival […]

SUBLIMNOS: The Spark Beneath The Ice

In 1969, Dr. Joe MacInnis and his team of volunteers placed Canada’s first underwater station beneath the waters of Little Dunks Bay in Tobermory Ontario. For the next two years, more than 2000 divers visited the site and used the station to study the underwater ecology of the bay. The station and its projects had […]

Saving Divers Who Do It Deeper

  Dr. Harpur describes the development of diving medicine in the Tobermory area and his own considerable role in that history.  

High Resolution Hydrography at Fathom Five National Marine Park

Since 2001, the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (CHS), has been collaborating with Parks Canada to conduct high resolution mapping projects both in the Great Lakes and Arctic waters. Fathom Five Underwater Park was the focus of a multi-year, multi-departmental program involving both Parks Canada and Geological Survey of Canada which […]

Discovering Tobermory: The Early Years

The pristine waters surrounding Tobermory have attracted divers since the 1950’s, and to this day, Tobermory remains one of the best freshwater diving areas in the world. Stuart first dove in Tobermory in 1974, shortly after becoming certified. He immediately fell in love with the diving, the town and the people of the northern Bruce […]

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