SOK Bursary Award

Sources of Knowledge Student Bursary for National Park Studies and Protected Areas

Sources of Knowledge (SoK) is known for organizing and holding an annual Forum in the Northern
Bruce Peninsula covering environmental/cultural/heritage themes. However, many don’t realize that SoK
also administers an annual student bursary award program on behalf of Parks Canada.

Each year we seek secondary school students with an interest in the environment and outdoors
who also plan to pursue post-secondary studies in the area of conservation and related themes to
apply for an award of up to $1000.00 from the bursary. We manage $4,000.00 in total bursary
funds provided each year by Parks Canada.

The purpose of the award is:

  1. To provide financial support to qualifying secondary students for post-secondary study in
    fields related to the environment, conservation or other fields related to a prospective
    career with Parks Canada.
  2. Thereby, to assist Parks Canada in meeting its obligation for local employment under
    clauses 15 and 16 of Appendix A of the Agreement between the Government of Canada
    and the Government of Ontario to Establish a National Park and a National Marine Park
    in the Township of St. Edmunds dated July 20, 1987.
  3. To further the stated goal of the Sources of Knowledge Forum to “encourage and enable
    youth to be stewards of this remarkable place.”

To be eligible, candidates must be “local” meaning from the Municipality of Northern Bruce
Peninsula or a member of the Saugeen Ojibway Nations. They must have a good academic
standing and demonstrate an interest in a career in conservation or a related field. Their
applications must include a 500 word essay outlining their interests, a summary of past activities
related to the environment and outdoors, and have a demonstrated involvement in community
service. The application must also include an academic and community reference and proof of
acceptance at a post-secondary school institution, including program of study.

The current year saw the largest ever response to the bursary program with a total of 10
applicants. The selection committee had a difficult task but went forward with 7 candidates who
received between $500.00 and $750.00 each for a total of $4,250.00 in bursary funding. SoK is
very pleased to see such interest within our communities and, along with Parks Canada, are
happy to assist these students in their future studies.

The following students are the 2020 SoK Bursary award winners :

Sasha Cognigni – University of Guelph/Animal Biology;

Avery Hutchinson – King’s College, Western University/Arts and Humanities;

Keyanna Kimewon – Fleming College/Fish and Wildlife Conservation;

Caleb Marcella – University of Guelph/Mechanical and Environmental Engineering;

Zachary Rodgers – Carleton University/Industrial Design;

Kylee Smith – University of British Columbia/Environmental Engineering; and

Malackee Solomon – Algonquin College/Pathways to Indigenous Empowerment.

Congratulations to all these students – we are pleased to see such great academic achievement in
our communities. The three candidates not awarded a bursary also demonstrated a high academic
achievement but were not as strong in the stated fields of study. All successful candidates are
entering their first year of post-secondary education and all will be eligible to apply next year
along with upcoming grade 12 students.

SoK is a registered charity and accepts donations specifically for our Student Bursary Program. Please visit our Donate page, or you can e-transfer to with the program mentioned in the message.



Past Recipients


Josie Mielhausen – University of Guelph
Colin Hepburn – Bruce Peninsula District School
Reed Rodgers – Bruce Peninsula District School


Josie Mielhausen – Bruce Peninsula District School
Rachel McLay – Bruce Peninsula District School


Recognized Donors

Parks Canada
Glen Estill
Ray and Marlene Rothenbury
Deborah Diebel


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