Bursary Awards

Students Rewarded for Interest in Nature and Academic Scholarship

A career of academic scholarship, and intentions to apply their studies to the benefit of nature has paid off in a big way for three Peninsula students. On June 26th, graduating students Reed Rodgers and Colin Hepburn were each presented with Sources of Knowledge Committee bursaries in the amount of $1000.00. Josie Mielhausen was awarded a second year of support earlier that day, also in the amount of $1000.00. All three are graduates of Bruce Peninsula District School in Lion’s Head.

The Sources of Knowledge Committee, based on the northern Bruce Peninsula, awards bursaries each year to provide financial support to qualifying students studying in the field of environmental conservation or other field related to a prospective career with Parks Canada. The goal is to encourage and enable youth to be stewards of this remarkable place. In order to qualify for a Sources of Knowledge bursary, students must live locally or be a member of the Saugeen Ojibway Nations. They need to demonstrate an overall high academic standing and commitment to community service, and they must summarize their interest in a career in environment and conservation.

2014 – $1,000 Recipients

Josie Mielhausen – University of Guelph

Colin Hepburn – Bruce Peninsula District School

Reed Rodgers – Bruce Peninsula District School

2013 – $1,000 Recipients

Josie Mielhausen – Bruce Peninsula District School

Rachel McLay – Bruce Peninsula District School

Bursary Donors

Parks Canada

Glen Estill

Ray and Marlene Rothenbury

Deborah Diebel

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