Arunas Liskauskas

Photo of Arunas Liskauskas, Speaker at Changing Lakes 2013 Sources of Knowledge Forum

Arunas Liskauskas

Arunas Liskauskas is a management biologist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Upper Great Lakes Management Unit, Lake Huron Office. He has been with the unit since 1993 and has worked on various projects directed at walleye rehabilitation, esocid spawning, nearshore fish community status as well as assisting in the development of Lake Huron Environmental Objectives. He has a Hon. BSc. in Fisheries and a MSc. in Fish Genetics from the University of Guelph.

2013 Forum Topic

Fish Sanctuaries on Lake Huron – The Parry Sound Experience

The practice of designating specific areas of Lake Huron as fish sanctuaries has been in place since at least the 1930s. These early efforts were primarily aimed at affording fish populations some protection from excessive exploitation during certain times of the year when they are most vulnerable, particularly during spawning periods when many fish species can be found concentrated in large numbers and in relatively small areas. The effectiveness of these early sanctuaries was not vigorously determined due to the absence of any concerted efforts to monitor and document changes in fish abundance and exploitation. The use of a fish sanctuary to protect a rehabilitating population of lake trout in Parry Sound, Georgian Bay, is one of the few instances where effectiveness monitoring was well documented. The protection of lake trout in their core spawning areas contributed to the successful rehabilitation of lake trout in this area of Lake Huron. The lessons learned from the Parry Sound experience can and have been considered in other areas of the lake that have been designated as fish sanctuaries.

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