2013 Changing Lakes

2013 Forum: Challenges of A Changing Lake

May 3 – 5 at the Tobermory Community Centre

Photo by Bill Caulfeild-Board of sun setting behind Cove Island Lighthouse Tobermory Ontario

Cove Island Lighthouse At Sunset (Photo By Bill Caufeild-Browne)

As Lake Huron-Georgian Bay continues to experience profound and novel change (e.g., driven by invasive species, lake levels, development, water quality, etc.), the context for coastal and offshore conservation becomes increasingly complex and uncertain. Although protected areas such as Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park are recognized for the central role they play in protecting natural and cultural values, their effectiveness to do so is being challenged and requires a rethinking of our stewardship efforts. The 2013 Sources of Knowledge Forum provided a platform for scientists, students, decision-makers, and the public to understand the changing nature of Lake Huron and discuss the means to better protect it.

Through presentations and workshops, topics covered at the Forum included:

  • Describe the changing and novel ecosystems of Lake Huron.
  • Review the status, benefits, and efficacy of aquatic protected areas.
  • Explore opportunities for place-based conservation.
  • Discuss the possibility of an international peace park or other network initiative.
  • Present contemporary offshore and coastal mapping and assessment techniques.

Centrally located on Lake Huron, Fathom Five provides an ideal location to advance our understanding and appreciation of aquatic protected areas on Lake Huron.
lake-huron-fathom-five mapping imagelake-huron-fathomfive-islands aerial photo

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